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Portland Daycare Injury Lawyer

Fighting for Justice in Daycare Injury Cases in Portland

When you place your trust in a daycare facility, you hope that your child will be safe, healthy and happy during the hours spent at the center. Most daycare centers are licensed by the state. These include daycare centers in private homes that have more than 3 children being cared for. There are various levels of certification required. There is a limit to the number of children that can be cared for in these centers, and of specific ages. All of those working in the daycare center, including any substitutes or frequent visitors that are 18 years old or more are also required to be enrolled in the Central Background Registry. The state has taken measures to try to protect the children of working parents who place their children in daycare. Nonetheless, accidents and injuries can take place, some very serious or fatal.

If your child was injured at a daycare center, we urge you to contact our firm to discuss the situation and what can be done to pursue compensation for damages. Whether your child was being cared for in a home, in a Registered Family Child Care Home, a Certified Family Child Care Home, or a Certified Child Care Center, we can assist you with legal action after an injury accident. There are a number of restrictions and legal requirements for those that operate daycare centers. If there has been any negligence, leading to a serious injury, legal action can be filed against the center, or a personal injury claim filed with the insurance company for the center.

Types of Daycare Center Injuries

Some of the types of serious injuries suffered by innocent children in daycare centers include broken bones, head injuries, internal injuries, child sexual abuse and others that are less serious. If your child fell and suffered an injury, was injured at another location during the hours of care, such as a park, you have the right to pursue compensation for damages. The damages sought will be measured against several factors. These include the degree of the injuries, whether permanent and the expected recovery time and the costs of medical care and treatment. If the parents of the injured child must now care for the child during recovery, or for the long term, the loss of income of the working parent must also be sought. There are also damages termed "noneconomic" which are related to the child's pain and suffering.

Statistics regarding injuries taking place in daycare centers are shocking. The staggering truth is that 31,000 children under the age of 4 per year are treated in emergency rooms after an accident at daycare. The Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted a study of daycare centers to identify the risks and the safety hazards present at 220 different daycare centers. The outcome of the study revealed that there were risks related to cribs that no longer met safety standards and had been recalled, daycare centers that had soft bedding, which could lead to suffocation, playground surfaces that had not been correctly maintained, or window blinds with cords that are known to create a danger of strangulation for young children, among others. Some of the centers evaluated had no safety gates, or the children were dressed in clothing that could pose a risk to safety, such as clothing with drawstrings.

Need an attorney in a daycare injury case in Portland?

If your child was injured at daycare, contact Herron Law, LLC in Portland. The firm offers exceptional client care and service and is prepared to help you pursue justice and compensation for all damages.