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Injured by a Defective Product in Portland? Call Portland Defective Product Lawyer now. 

A defective product purchased by an unsuspecting consumer can lead to various types of injuries. Product liability claims are numerous in our society at this time. Many shoddy products have been manufactured overseas in recent years which have caused serious injuries to consumers, including children who have even died from them. It is important to contact our knowledgeable lead attorney, Bartley E. Herron, as this is a highly complex area of the law.

Promoting Safe Consumerism in Portland

Some examples of defective products which have impacted consumers in recent years include the roll over vehicles, which were unstable built, tainted dog food which sickened and killed many pets, as well as cribs which were a hazard to babies due to substandard construction. Serious and traumatic injuries can occur from defective products, and their impact could last a life time.

Searching for an attorney for a defective product case in Portland?

Herron Law, LLC has over 18 years of experience aggressively representing their clients. A thorough and complete evaluation of all the facts surrounding the injury is vital. Purchase information, whether the product was used as intended, and prior knowledge by a manufacturer regarding the defect are all key points to consider in the handling of your products liability claim.

It is easy for a local retailer to dismiss any claim of injury you may present regarding one of their products. You can trust Herron Law, LLC to meticulously investigate your claim and present all pertinent information in order to substantiate and defend your products liability claim. Contact Bartley E. Herron for a careful review of the background involving your injury.