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Have you Been Injured During a Surgical Procedure?

Surgical Injury Lawyer in Portland

One of the most frightening events that can occur is to suffer injuries while in surgery. When a person goes "under the knife," they often have some sort of life-threatening or urgent health matter that must be addressed by the physician. You trust your life to this doctor so much, that you allow them to put you under anesthesia, cut open your body and perform surgery in hopes that the end result will provide a healthier or happier lifestyle than the one before. Whether you have been diagnosed with an illness, required surgery for a personal injury or you have chosen the path of plastic or reconstructive surgery, you will be putting your life at risk while unconscious on the operating table.

Before the procedure, the doctor may have warned you of certain risks of the procedure. You may have brushed these off as minor or simply chose to believe that it would not happen to you. However, when you or your loved one has become the victim of a surgical mistake, you will need to know where to turn for the legal guidance that you deserve.

Suffering from any type of injury will be expensive. You may have required surgery after being involved in a car accident, railroad accident, plane crash, pedestrian accident, construction site accident, boating accident or virtually any other type of accident. These injuries and the accident will not only force you to remain home from work, but it will also leave you with mounting medical bills and other expenses, especially if you have undergone an erroneous surgery. When another person is the cause of your injuries, isn't it only fair for justice to be served?

Donít Take the Hit Twice!

Need an attorney for a surgical injury case in Portland, OR? At Herron Law, LLC, the legal team represents cases all throughout Portland and the surrounding communities with exceptional support, guidance and counsel. Lawyer Bartley E. Herron understands that this will be a very difficult moment in your life, and you will need all of the support you can get. He will stand at your side, and fight to obtain justice at any cost.

By holding the irresponsible doctor accountable for their acts of medical malpractice, our legal team is able to help you to secure a personal injury settlement. With this money, you will then be able to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, counseling, rehabilitation and all future medical expenses relating to this isolated incident. For more information and to learn your rights in a case relating to medical malpractice, surgical injury or medication error, do not hesitate to call attorney Herron for your initial consultation today.