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Is Your Loved One Being Abused & Mistreated?

Portland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Most nursing homes do an excellent job of taking care of family members entrusted to them for care. When you have a family member who can no longer take care of themselves without some assistance and needs to be in a nursing home, most individuals will carefully select a facility they feel will take good care of their loved ones and provide them with dignity and respect. Sadly, this is not always the case. In Portland there are hundreds of patients in nursing homes that are mistreated or neglected on a daily basis. Nursing home abuse can occur in many ways, some which include:

  • Bed sores;
  • Over medication;
  • Incorrect or no medication;
  • Multiple falls;
  • Intentional assault;
  • Malnutrition/starvation;
  • Dehydration;
  • Wandering outside facility - lack of oversight; and
  • Wrongful death

Looking for an attorney for nursing home abuse in Portland?

At Herron Law, LLC, we are caring and compassionate legal professionals who handle nursing home abuse cases throughout Portland, Clackamas and Multnomah Counties. Having served as a licensed social worker prior to becoming an attorney, Bartley E. Herron understands how to deal with his clients with understanding and empathy. Facing the fact that someone abused your loved one is hard to confront, but needs to be pursued to ensure those who have acted negligently are held liable for their actions.

Fighting For the Rights of Nursing Home Patients

Abuse can lead to serious health problems and may even lead to death if a medical condition is left untreated. Your family member deserves better than that and our legal team will work hard to ensure any abuse stops immediately and those responsible are made to pay for their actions. Herron Law, LLC will fight hard to obtain the maximum compensation possible for any medical costs your loved one may have incurred because of the abuse, in addition to any future treatment that may be required and recovery for the pain and suffering your loved one has endured. Our staff believes in dignity and respect for individuals at any age, when they are in need of nursing home care. Contact our legal team at the Portland office for a free initial consultation to find out how we can help you.