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Portland Premises Liability Attorney

Injured in a slip & fall, dog bite or food poisoning incident?

Premises liability cases are a complex area of the law that is not commonly understood by the victims of these types of accidents. Simply, premises liability means that a property owner holds a certain amount of responsibility of their property when any other person enters the grounds. The property owner, whether it is a public or private property, is expected to keep the grounds up to safety standards so that he or she can prevent any and all potential accidents.

Hazards include poor lighting, slippery or wet floors, uneven floors, broken stair cases or handles, low-hanging decorations or broken doorways. While any variety of dangerous environmental factors can lead to severe injuries such as burn injury, brain injuries, head & neck injury, and spinal cord injuries, it is always important to retain the services of attorney Herron to find out if you are eligible for compensation.

What is "reasonable care?"

When handling a premises liability case, such as food poisoning, dog bite or a slip & fall accident, several factors must be taken into consideration to determine if a property owner provided a reasonable amount of care for their property before having guests. There are many different factors that are all taken into consideration when handling a complex premises liability case. The circumstances in which the guest or guests entered the premises will be considered, if trespassing is involved the nature of the claim will definitely change.

Insurance companies also look at the foreseeable dangers that were present at the time of the accident. It will definitely make an impact if the property owner showed initiative to repair, inspect or warn others of the possible dangers or not. Lastly they will look at how long the damage has been present and if the property owner had prior knowledge of the potential danger.

Securing Your Right to Claim Compensation

Premises liability cases are among the most complex of all personal injury cases. They range from escalator accidents to swimming pool drowning accidents and even wrongful death. For more information about filing your claim and to learn more about your rights, call the office today. Your injuries deserve compensation, and our legal team is here to help you obtain justice and maximize your claim!

Searching for an attorney for a premises liability case in Portland?

If you were injured on another person's property and they have failed to warn you of the hazards on their property, you may be entitled to a claim. By talking to the legal team at Herron Law, LLC, you will learn your rights and options to file a claim. Filing a claim can be quite complex – it will require the assistance of a premises liability attorney to ensure that each portion is filled out correctly. Call our Portland office today for a consultation of your case!