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Portland Slip & Fall Attorney

Was your slip and fall accident caused by negligence?

A slip and fall accident can occur when something on the ground is spilled, a floor is slippery, wet or damaged. Often times a slip and fall are also termed a "trip and fall", due to uneven or damaged pavement or surface. While not all of these types of accidents are due to any negligence, it can occur if there was insufficient care taken by the owner of the premises where the fall took place. To properly evaluate any injury claim you may have sustained, it is important to contact Attorney Herron to assist you with sorting out the incident.

When an accident like this occurs, an individual is often embarrassed and merely wants to get up and leave the place. However, if a personal injury was incurred during the fall, it should be immediately reported to someone on the premises and any witnesses should be identified. Minor details on these types of cases are important to document to preserve your rights. You can trust Portland personal injury lawyer Bartley E. Herron from Herron Law, LLC to obtain all of the needed information to properly and completely document any injuries and losses you may have suffered due to this fall.

Allow us to Fight This Battle on Your Behalf!

An example of a slip and fall accident that might occur would be if you were at a fast food restaurant and you slipped and fell while heading towards the bathroom. You may notice the floor is wet and even your clothes are wet when you get back up. In this case, there may be negligence on the part of the restaurant if they failed in their duty to clearly show the floor was wet by placing proper signs warning you of this.

Need an attorney in a slip and fall case in Portland?

If your fall results in an injury, you have the right to receive appropriate medical treatment. The injury may also cause you to be unable to work, affecting your ability to earn income. A slip and fall attorney can aid you with receiving the proper compensation you deserve for the injury you have sustained, possibly including other monetary damages. If you have been injured due to a slip and fall accident, Herron Law, LLC is here to help you by providing you with the skill and professionalism needed to pursue your claim to its conclusion. For a free consultation regarding your slip and fall injury contact Bartley E. Herron from our Portland office today!