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Personal Injury Attorney Bartley E. Herron in Portland, Oregon

A lawyer for Personal Injury Accidents Answers Your Questions:

Q: I injured myself at work and my boss is saying I can't go to the doctor. What can I do?

A: Most work related accidents are covered under Workers' Compensation laws. If the accident was work related and you have not been directed for treatment by your employer, you have a right to file a claim and pursue appropriate treatment. As an experienced Portland injury attorney, Herron Law, LLC can help you obtain your rights to the proper treatment and compensation you deserve.

Q: I purchased a skill saw and was injured using it due to a defective part. I have not been able to get any assistance with this through the store where I purchased it. Can you help?

A: Manufacturers of products have a duty to ensure any products they produce are safe for use as intended. If you properly used the skill saw and did not tamper with it, you are entitled to have your injury covered by the manufacturer. Herron Law, LLC can assist you in obtaining any needed medical attention and compensation for loss of use of any limb or lost wages due to the injury.

Q: I was rear ended recently and did not report an injury at the scene. However, the next day I woke up and I could hardly move. What can I do now?

A: It is often the case in soft tissue injuries that the pain will not appear until hours or even a day later. This is not an unusual occurrence. The injury needs to be reported immediately to the insurance company handling your claim. Herron Law, LLC is expert in handling personal injury claims and can ensure that you receive proper treatment for your injuries as well as reimbursement for any lost wages.

Q: My husband was at a local supermarket and slipped on a puddle from a broken jar. He can hardly move right now from an injury to his hip. Is the store responsible for helping him?

A: Slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence and need a careful review of all the facts in order to determine who the responsible party may be. It is very likely that Herron Law, LLC can help you with presenting a claim for injury to the market in a professional and thorough manner.

Contact Bartley E. Herron, Portland injury attorney, from Herron Law, LLC for answers and assistance with your personal injury claim.