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Boating Accident Attorney in Portland, OR

Injured? Our firm can help you pursue compensation!

While Oregon is home to many bodies of water that are often used for boating excursions, these waters can quickly become dangerous when proper care is not exercised. Nearly five thousand boating accidents occurred in just one year, many as a result of negligent behavior. If you were injured in a similar accident, don't hesitate to consult with our dedicated personal injury firm.

Herron Law, LLC is led by a well-respected Portland boating accident lawyer who truly cares for his clients. We believe that those responsible for your suffering should be held accountable and are here to secure the financial compensation you deserve. With over 18 years of experience, you can have confidence in the legal expertize we offer.

Proving Negligence in Your Personal Injury Claim

Boating accidents can occur for any number of reasons, but many are the result of a driver or passenger's carelessness. A personal injury claim is based on negligence, which means you must prove that someone else's negligence caused your injuries.

We can help you prove four aspects in your claim:

  1. That the defendant was expected to exercise reasonable care
  2. That the defendant failed to exercise this level of care
  3. That the defendant's behavior caused your injuries
  4. That your injuries are verifiable with evidence

Injuries can be costly and may even render you unable to work. Compensation is not just a benefit, it is an absolute necessity when you are suffering after a boating accident. We may be able to help you recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering.

At Herron Law, LLC, your concerns come first. We won't pass your case off to a paralegal or other staff member – it is handled personally by our Portland boating accident attorney. Ready to fight for justice? Get in touch with our firm today.