Being involved in an accident at a railroad crossing can lead to serious if not catastrophic injuries. Most individuals never experience anything as severe as being struck by something the size and speed of a train. If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision at a railroad crossing, you will need the assistance of our knowledgeable lead attorney, Bartley E. Herron, who is familiar with the laws governing railroads. At Herron Law, LLC, our Portland injury lawyers have been helping the residents of Portland, Clackamas and Multnomah Counties in Oregon for over 19 years. Our attorneys believe in providing you with the personalized attention you need when you are facing the difficulties of a serious accident.

Thousands of railroad crossing accidents occur every year, with hundreds of fatalities. Over half of these accidents are caused by inadequate or malfunctioning railroad crossing devices. Many intersections have inadequate safety devices, such as lights, guard rails or signs. Many in rural areas have no safety devices at all. Even those which have a crossing guard often fail to operate, and fail to lower when a train is approaching.

Our legal staff will conduct a thorough investigation to determine all possible causes of the accident. Many factors can affect what might have gone wrong in the collision. When involved in such an accident, you may be approached by representatives of the railroad who wish to make a quick and easy settlement. It is important to have your own legal counsel advising you, to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve for any harm you have suffered.

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Looking for a lawyer for a railroad crossing accident in Portland? Herron Law, LLC realize that sustaining a train injury can be devastating and can affect all aspects of your life. Our staff understands the physical, financial and emotional strain that an injury or accident can place on you and your loved ones. With our extensive experience in personal injury cases, we will ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. Don’t waste another minute! Contact Attorney Bart Herron for the qualified counsel you need and deserve.