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Highway 20 Has Proven Scary & Dangerous Again

Police responded to a one-vehicle car accident on Highway 20 near milepost 134 in Harney County. GMC Acadia, driven by Moria Shackelford, was going west when the car left the road and hit a raised driveway, causing the vehicle to go airborne. Three out of Four children were seriously injured, the youngest one died from her injuries. The driver had was injured as well.

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving in Oregon

Many people are aware of the dangers of driving distracted with a cell phone. But driving while drowsy also is very dangerous. Driving without enough rest is as dangerous as driving under influence.

We do not know for certain what happened in the above crash. But it happened at 4:10 am on a straight, flat road in Oregon. It would appear the driver probably fell asleep and caused the accident that injured four and killed a one-year-old child.

According to NHTSA statistics, at least 100,000 car accidents reported by the police across America were caused by a sleepy driver. Overall, there have been 1500 deaths, 71,000 injuries and a cost of $12.5 billion each year from drowsy driving accidents. There also were 824 reported drowsy driving deaths in 2015, and 800 deaths in 2013. Statistics show these crashes are most likely to happen from 12 am to 6 am.

Some of the warning signs of drowsy driving are:

  • Lost in thought while driving and not noticing one’s surroundings
  • Frequently blinking and having trouble paying attention to the road
  • Cannot remember the last few miles driven
  • Rubbing eyes and yawning
  • Can’t keep your head up
  • Drifting into other lanes

If you ever see any of these signs in yourself while driving, you should pull over right away and rest.

While distracted driving gets the most attention for car accidents, drowsy driving is just as dangerous. If you were hurt by a drowsy driver in your vehicle or in another, you probably have extensive medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Please contact Personal Injury Attorney Bart Herron at 503-699-6496 – 24×7 – today for a FREE consultation.

Did you know there are certain groups that are at higher risk of drowsy driving accidents? Statistics show that commercial drivers and shift workers are most vulnerable to falling asleep behind the wheel. Other at-risk groups are:

  • Men under the age of 26
  • Shift workers. Working the night shift increases the risk of falling asleep by six times
  • Commercial truck drivers. Fifteen percent of their accidents are due to drowsiness
  • People who have undiagnosed medical disorders.

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