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5 Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Delay Your Oregon Accident Claim

Through our years of experience at The Herron Law Firm, we have seen many auto insurance company technics to delay or deny your claim. If you are in an accident and working on your own against your or the other driver’s insurance company, be knowledgeable! If you have any questions, please talk to The Herron Law Firm.

#1 Deliberate Delay  Auto insurance companies often take their time on a claim if you have a lot of injuries. They know that you are squeezed financially and may not be able to work. The longer they delay the bill payments, reimbursements, settlement, the better the chance they can pressure you to settle for minimums. If this is happening to you, talk to an Oregon personal attorney. It is amazing how much faster things move along when a reputable trial attorney gets involved in your negotiations.

#2 Asking for Unnecessary Information  Auto insurance companies may ask for irrelevant information to evaluate the claim. "We need your 10 years prior medical records" or "We need your 10 years of Business Taxes" or "We need your proof of address" or "We need your doctors to submit the complete medical record, because we didn't receive it (even though your doctor's office already submitted it 2 times before".  Does that sound familiar? This technic is used to delay the payouts to make money on the interest from the money they owe you.

#3 Argue Over Medical Treatments  Insurance adjusters lack the medical knowledge to know what the correct medical treatment is for your accident case. Adjusters use software to tell them what to do next with your claim and your treatment. If you, for example, were seeing a chiropractic physician for over 3 months, the most likely the insurance software will tell the adjuster to send you to their paid doctor (IME). That doctor will write a report with the conclusion that your treatment is not medically necessary or unrelated to this accident. Do not let insurance adjusters tell you whether to go to the doctor's prescribed treatment or not. It is your doctor's job to evaluate and treat you, and not computer's. 

#4 Misrepresenting Insurance Benefits  Be sure you get the facts about your insurance policy before you deal with your insurance company. The Herron Law Firm is experienced in reading long insurance policies. We can help you be certain that you get coverage for everything you should on your insurance policy. It is also important to know how to read the other driver's insurance policy. 

#5 Acting Like Your Long-Lost Friend Beware of the technic when the insurance adjuster is acting like your friend. The insurance company has one and the only goal in mind - to make money for their shareholders. If you are not the shareholder in that insurance company, you are not their friend. You are there to take the money for your medical treatment wich makes you their adversary. 

To have the best chance of success in your accident claim, you should know how to negotiate with insurance companies so you are NOT taken advantage of. If you are uncomfortable negotiating with insurance companies, you should have an experienced attorney review your claim.

Let The Herron Law Firm Negotiate For You  Our attorneys are accustomed to negotiating with tough insurance adjusters. Let us take the stress and worries out of your claim. Hire The Herron Law Firm to represent your interests in the Oregon car accident claim and not the insurance companies. Accident victims who were hurt by the negligence of another person or entity should ALWAYS consult a personal injury attorney.

If you have been injured as a result of the wrongdoing of another, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Contact Herron Law 503-699-6496  - 24/7  today to set up a Free consultation!

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