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Dangerous Roll Over Car Accidents

A Jeep rolled over in a car accident with another vehicle on I-84 on August 16th, 2019. Two people were cut from the Jeep, which was on top of the other car and four were taken to the hospital, but they suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

About Rollover Accidents

Cars can roll over for many reasons. Many people in rollover car accidents have serious or fatal injuries. In fact, the NHTSA states that rollover car accidents are second to head-on crashes in severity. Vehicle rollovers made up almost 35% of fatal car accidents in 2010.

Some vehicles are more likely to roll over the others. SUVs, Jeeps and other vehicles with a higher center of gravity have a propensity to roll over. Rollovers are especially dangerous because a passenger can be thrown through the window or windshield, leading almost always to very serious or fatal injuries to the head, neck, and spine.

Rollover crashes often happen because of ‘tripping.’ This is when a car tire strikes a curb or bump. This disrupts the car’s forward motion and can cause it to roll. The NHTSA has found that 95% of rollover crashes are from tripping.

Other causes for a rollover can be because of vehicle design, a poorly designed road, or bad tires.

Rollover Car Accident Claims

Whether a lawsuit should be filed in an Oregon rollover accident depends on who and what caused the crash as well as what are the damages to a victim. For instance, if you are driving an SUV with a design flaw, or one that needed warnings and did not have them, you could file a product liability lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer.

A very common product defect that can cause a rollover is a defective tire. This can lead to a tripping accident. In a tire defect case, you should retain an Oregon product liability attorney. A design defect expert will be needed in court to discuss the nature of the defect, and also what other designs the manufacturer could have selected.

If a tire defect and tripping caused your accident, you may wish to sue the person or entity responsible for maintaining the road where you had your accident. This could be the local government or a private landowner. If it happens in a construction zone, you may sue the contractor.

If you sue someone for causing a rollover accident, they make defend themselves on the grounds that you were negligent in causing the accident. Or, perhaps they will point to poor weather causing the crash and not any action or inaction on their part.

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If you are injured by another driver in Oregon, you may be faced with serious physical, emotional and psychological injuries. You could file a claim for your losses, such as medical bills, lost earnings and pain, and suffering. If the driver who injured you was extremely intoxicated or especially reckless, you could even be entitled to punitive damages.

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