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What Happened

On June 28 at 11:40 AM, Kathy Rayborn, 73, in Mercedes SUV drove E . It crossed into the W lanes and hit a motor home. Richard Rydman, 76 and his passenger, Janice Rydman, 73. Rydman’s family was transported to St Charles Hospital with injuries. Sadly Ms. Rayborn suffered fatal injuries and died.

What Is The Average Settlement For Pain and Suffering

After a serious car accident such as the above, the injured would probably ask what their pain and suffering is worth. Wrongful death and car accident attorneys will say that every car accident settlement must take several things into account:

  • Type of medical treatment received by the victims
  • Length of recovery time
  • Long term effects of the injuries
  • How long a hospital stay was and
  • Are there surgeries

For example, many car accident attorneys say the most common payout for pain and suffering is less than $15,000. That is simply because most car accidents involve minor injuries.

What About Serious Car Accident

The severity of the injury is a massive factor that affects your pain and suffering damages. It is possible for a plaintiff to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in pain and suffering. But a case like that will usually require a serious injury, surgery, a lengthy hospital stay, followed by extensive rehabilitation.

A skilled car accident attorney in Portland will rely on your medical records, bills, etc to prove the degree of pain and suffering. It is very important to document everything through photos and videos.

If the case gets to the lawsuit phase, the plaintiff’s testimony under other is a significant factor in the size of the pain and suffering award. The defense attorney will carefully go over your medical records and will probe to see if you are exaggerating your pain and suffering. Therefore you must document everything!

Did You Know

A good car accident attorney may have an idea of what a particular car insurance adjuster will offer. Most car accident lawyers keep track of their settlements with adjusters and insurance companies. There are case management programs out there that help car accident attorneys do this. Therefore, it is very important to track past negotiations with a particular adjuster.

Talk To The Herron Law Firm Today About Your Personal Injury

If you were in a car accident and think you are entitled to pain and suffering damages, you want The Herron Law Firm to represent you.

Our car accident attorney knows how to get maximum compensation for your car accident claim. Our Car Accident attorney Bart Herron is experienced in negotiating with all of the big auto insurance companies in Oregon.

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