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Child Injury Lawyer

For more than 21 years, The Herron Law Firm has represented injured children in Oregon. Our child injury lawyers will do everything possible to protect your child’s rights and their future. If your child suffered an accident due to someone’s negligence, contact Oregon child injury lawyer Bart Herron personally (503-367-0829) today.

We Protect & Fight For Injured Oregon Children

We all hope that children never fall victim to serious injuries or accidents. But negligent people, companies, and property 

owners cause thousands of child injuries and fatalities every year in the US. The health and well-being of our children can be taken for granted for making money, neglecting vital safety rules and protocols in the process.

There is never an excuse for negligent actions that injure children. Did your child suffer an injury from a car, bicycle, playground, or other types of injury? You have the legal right to hold the negligent party accountable in civil court. The Herron Law Firm can help you, so contact one of their child injury lawyers today.

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Child Injury Attorney in Oregon

Child Accident Law Firm

Children are not as cautious as adults and may not understand the risks involved with some of their activities. That is why they are more likely to get in accidents. Some accidents stem from a child’s excitement or mistake, but others are caused by negligence. Our child accident attorneys have the skills and experience to find all the causes of a child’s injury or death. Every party responsible will be held accountable in court.

Child Injury Law Firm

Injuries to children can be due to accidents that were preventable, but someone’s negligence caused it. The injury or death also can be caused by the inappropriate actions of a doctor.

For instance, birth injuries are often caused by obstetricians and other healthcare professionals who care for a pregnant woman and her fetus. No matter what caused a child’s death or injury, a good child injury lawyer can provide you with aggressive representation to obtain the compensation you deserve.

We Specialize In Children's Injuries:

Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries are often due to medical malpractice during pregnancy or child delivery. Asphyxia birth injuries happen often and can cause permanent brain damage or death. If you have a child who suffered a birth injury caused by medical malpractice, our birth injury attorneys can obtain compensation from the negligent medical providers.

Burn Injury Lawyer

Children can be burned because of the negligent actions of a person, company, or a product defect. Tap-water burns happen a lot and can result in serious injury or death. Our child burn lawyers have years of experience in these cases involving caregiver negligence and defective products.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents involving children can be due to product defects, bicyclist or driver negligence, and even the poor maintenance of bike paths. Our bike accident attorneys know how to handle these cases and will get compensation for your injured child.

Car Accident Child Injury Lawyer

Car accidents often result in serious injury or death to children. These injuries may be caused by negligent drivers who speed, drive aggressively, fall asleep, text on a cell phone, or otherwise disobey the law. Negligent drivers can be sued for their negligent actions and be held accountable in court. The Herron Law Firm will thoroughly investigate the car accident to determine if a negligent driver hurt your child.

Daycare Injury Lawyer

Injuries and deaths at daycare centers happen often. Daycare center workers must always supervise children. But sometimes they fail to do so, and serious injury results. In such a tragic situation, the employees and/or the daycare center can be held liable in civil court.  

Crib Injury Law Firm

Children should be safe in their cribs. But defective cribs cause injuries and deaths to children annually. For example, cribs with slats spaced too far apart can strangle a child. Crib bumpers with strings also can cause strangling injuries and deaths. Crib mobiles with parts that are too small can cause choking deaths. Our crib injury lawyers can help you if your child was hurt by a defective crib.

Defective Product Injury Lawyer

Products that are designed for your child’s use can cause serious injury or death. For example, an educational product with small pieces that fall off can choke your child. A child’s lamp with a cord can be a choking hazard. Clothing for children with a drawstring also can be a major danger. Our defective product attorneys can help you with these types of injury cases.

Drowning Injury Lawyer

Drownings are sometimes fatal accidents, but they also can cause serious, non-fatal injuries, such as devastating brain damage. Property owners who own pools can be held liable for child drowning accidents in some cases. In some states, even if the child enters the property illegally and drowns, the property owner can be held liable. Our drowning injury lawyers know the laws in Oregon and can hold the liable parties responsible.

School Bus Accident Lawyer

School bus accidents often cause injuries and death to children. The injuries may arise from bus driver negligence. Or, private owners of the buses may not properly maintain them. Another common cause of these accidents is the negligence of other drivers in a multi-car accident. The county or city also can be held liable for child bus accident injuries. The Herron Law Firm will hold all liable parties responsible for your child’s school bus accident injuries.

Toy Injury Lawyers

Children’s toys can be defective, toxic, and unsafe for use. Many feature small parts that can break off and choke a child. Others may be coated with hazardous pain that can poison your child, causing brain damage or death. Our toy injury lawyers are known in Oregon for holding toy manufacturers accountable for their poorly designed products.


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  • “Honest, intelligent and strong attorney”

    I was badly injured in an auto accident. Bartley Herron persuaded the insurance company that they needed to give me the maximum settlement of insurance coverage. The money was and is very important to my family. I recommend Mr. Herron to anyone needing an honest, intelligent and strong attorney to represent them and to fight hard for them. That is what Mr. Herron did for me.

  • “The settlement your people obtained for me was much better than anything the insurance company had offered me”

    I recommend Herron Law to everyone. I was hurt in a car accident and the insurance company tried to get me to settle without talking to an attorney. I am glad that I talked with you instead. The settlement your people obtained for me was much better than anything the insurance company had offered me. It turned out that I went through an unexpected hardship right after the car accident. I ended up really needing the extra money. Thanks for all of your help and concern.

  • “You gave me the drive to fight”

    Thanks to you for your hard efforts and support, you gave me the drive to fight. I actually miss you guys. We think about you often. Even when things were tough you always made me smile. I can never thank you enough.

  • “Your firm… got more than three times the money the insurance company was wanting to pay”

    I contacted your law firm for help after being hurt. I had been talking with the insurance company. The adjuster wanted to settle. But I was concerned that I should talk to a lawyer. Your firm represented me and got more than three times the money the insurance company was wanting to pay. I’m very thankful for the money and what you did for me.


A child’s health is a single and the most important thing in a parent’s life. 

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