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    Accident with DUI Driver
    • Rear-end crashes
    • T-bone crashes
    • Head-on crashes
    • Side-swipe crashes

    Many injuries from a car accident will affect you for the rest of your life. Learn what steps to take to protect your claim. 

    Brain Injured Woman

    Brain Injury & Concussion Attorney

    More About Brain Injury & Concussion Attorney
    • Mild TBI and Concussion
    • Moderate TBI
    • Severe TBI

    Most people with mTBI are not diagnosed with TBI in a level 1 trauma center, and most people diagnosed in the  ER with mTBI still have TBI symptoms 12 months later. 

    Back amd Spine Injury Attorney

    Disc, Back & Spine Injury Attorney

    More About Disc, Back & Spine Injury Attorney
    • Herniated or bulging disk
    • Vertebrae fractures
    • Spinal court damage 
    • Spinal and neck fusion surgery

    Don’t let an insurance company adjuster convince you that a disc or spine injury is not “big deal”. Many doctors disagree. 

    motorcycle, crash, Portland, police, report, claim, death, wrongful

    Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    More About Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    Any collision between a motorcycle and an enclosed motor vehicle can lead to a deadly disaster. Injuries such as fractures, comas, brain injuries, loss of limbs are all common results from this type of a collision.

    Wrongful Death Attorney

    More About Wrongful Death Attorney

    Oregon wrongful death legal guide page. Learn here what you and your family must know when considering a wrongful death claim.

    Truck Accident Attorney

    More About Truck Accident Attorney

    A personal injury case involving a crash with a tractor-trailer presents unique legal issues. Tractor-trailer drivers must follow several state and federal regulations. 

    Bicycle Accident Attorney

    Many drivers pay little attention to bikers and may get too close or even hit them when distracted. Some drivers even exhibit violent tendencies toward bicyclists.

    Pedestrian Accident Attorney

    If the pedestrian accident was caused by the driver, the pedestrian may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in Oregon. If the pedestrian dies, her family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages.

    Child Injury Attorney in Oregon

    Child Accident Attorney

    More About Child Accident Attorney

    Negligent people, companies, and property owners cause thousands of child injuries and fatalities every year in the US.

    You would not take a medication without knowing what it is for. Why would you accept a settlement offer without knowing your rights?

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    He Obtained a Settlement Much Higher Than I Had Dared To Hope For
    Attorney Bart Herron was referred to me by a friend and co-worker who had been previously helped by Mr. Herron. He took my case too and obtained a settlement much higher than I had dared to hope for. I recommend him highly.
    I had a very difficult case because I had been injured so many times in the past. The insurance company’s lawyers tried to make fun of me and kept saying that if I was hurt then it was someone else’s fault and because of one of my old injuries. Mr. Herron put a stop to this. He forced them to deal with the damages I had. And, he made them to pay for the injuries I had now and the old injuries which were made worse. I am grateful for his strength and tack. Mr. Herron stood up for me.
    C.C.former client from Portland, Oregon
    You Always Have Our Appreciation
    We cannot tell you how important it was to my family to receive the money you got us. My family and I were extremely happy when you told us how you pushed the insurance company to settle for the whole amount that they can be sued for. Your law firm did all this and we didn’t even have to go to court. You always have our appreciation.
    JORGEBeaverton, Oregon
    Thank you so much!
    Before I called the Herron Law office, I called many other personal injury law offices for free advice. I left many messages, but I received no callback. Then I called Herron Law and spoke with Olga. She spent almost an hour talking to me about my car accident case and told me what I needed to do next. She even emailed me the summary of our conversation to remind me what steps I needed to take in case I forgotten. Thank you, again.
    HeidyMedical AssistantBeaverton, Oregon
    Thanks to you for your hard efforts and support, you gave me the drive to fight. I actually miss you guys. We think about you often. Even when things were tough you always made me smile. I can never thank you enough.
    C.Portland, Oregon
    Got More Then 3 Times the Money the Insurance Company Was Wanting To Pay
    I contacted your law firm for help after being hurt. I had been talking with the insurance company. The adjuster wanted to settle. But I was concerned that I should talk to a lawyer. Your firm represented me and got more than three times the money the insurance company was wanting to pay. I’m very thankful for the money and what you did for me.
    LAURIEPortland, Oregon
    Honest, Intelligent and Strong Attorney
    I was badly injured in an auto accident. Bartley Herron persuaded the insurance company that they needed to give me the maximum settlement of insurance coverage. The money was and is very important to my family. I recommend Mr. Herron to anyone needing an honest, intelligent and strong attorney to represent them and to fight hard for them. That is what Mr. Herron did for me.
    HERNANDEZMolalla, Oregon
    The Settlement... Was Much Better Than Anything The Insurance Company Had Offered Me
    I recommend Herron Law, LLC to everyone. I was hurt in a car accident and the insurance company tried to get me to settle without talking to an attorney. I am glad that I talked with you instead. The settlement your people obtained for me was much better than anything the insurance company had offered me. It turned out that I went through an unexpected hardship right after the car accident. I ended up really needing the extra money. Thanks for all of your help and concern.
    GARYPortland, Oregon
    Sometimes it takes more than a well-rounded education, years of experience, and an understanding of the psychology that separates prosecution from defense . . . sometimes it takes Guts to stay the course! We initially chose Mr. Herron based on AVVO reviews, his years of experience, his area of expertise, and even his physical appearance bearing in mind how our son might receive and interact with Mr. Herron and how Mr. Herron’s appearance might be perceived in the courtroom by juror’s. Just l… Read more
    DO YOU WANT TO WIN?former client, Portland, Oregon

    What Personal Injuries We Will Help You With

    Hip, Knee, Foot Injury

    Hip, Knee, Foot Injuries: Hip, knee, and foot injuries are common in car accidents or any other auto accidents in Oregon. These injuries Read More

    More about Hip, Knee, Foot Injury

    Disc, Back, Spine Injury

    Disc, Back, Spine Injuries: Did you know that many spine injuries are considered permanent and can lead to early Arthritis or disability later in life? Read More

    Read More about Spinal Injuries

    TMJ & Other Face Injury

    TMJ & Other Face Injuries: One of the most upsetting and difficult injuries from a car accident is damage to your face. Car Read More

    Read More about TMJ & Other Face Injury


    TBI: Mild TBI survivors, including cases without loss of consciousness, will 2 times more likely develop Dementia? Read More

    Read More about TBIs and Other Brain Injuries

    Wrist Injury

    Wrist Injuries: Did you know that wrist injury is the most common injury after a car crash, but often missed by doctors early on? Read More

    Read More about Wrist Injuries

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      How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Portland

      Finding the right car accident lawyer can mean the difference between a fair settlement and a prolonged, stressful legal battle. It’s crucial to select a lawyer who not only understands the specifics of car accident cases but also has your best interests at heart. In Portland, the choice can be overwhelming, with so many options...
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      How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Portland

      Finding the best car accident lawyer in Portland can feel overwhelming, especially after the stress of an accident. The right lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case, helping you secure the compensation you need. We know how important it is to choose wisely, as this decision impacts your future. Choosing...
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      Essential Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Portland

      Car accidents can be overwhelming and confusing experiences. Knowing what steps to take immediately after an accident can help ensure your safety, protect your rights, and make the process of seeking compensation smoother. In Portland, it’s crucial to follow specific guidelines that keep you safe and help you deal effectively with the aftermath of the...
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      The best way to find a solution to your legal problem is to communicate with us directly. You can always reach us via Text Messages or Phone Call at 503-367-0829, email us at [email protected]

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      My vehicle is damaged, but I need to go to doctors. How do I get a rental car after an accident?

      Below are the most common scenarios we see for accident victims to get their rental car:

      Your insurance company. The best way to go. Contact your own insurance company to see if you have rental car coverage. If so, they would cover your rental car until liability is worked out.

      At-Fault insurance company.

      The easy way – The at-fault driver’s insurance company agrees to accept liability for the wreck. In this situation, the insurance company would pay for the rental car – until they have paid you the fair market value for your totaled car.

      The harder way – The at-fault driver’s insurance company either denies responsibility, delays their decision, or offers no decision at this time. You will have to pay for the car upfront. Keep good records of everything you pay.

      If they agree later that they are responsible for the accident, they must reimburse you for what you spend on the rental car.

      My insurance company is on the phone.What do adjusters wants to talk about when they call?

      Call from your insurance company:

      The contract requires you to cooperate with your company when you file a claim. What this means is you will need to discuss the nature of the accident with your insurance company with a claims adjuster. Your insurance adjuster will want to know your side of the story – what exactly happened during the accident and the injuries suffered. They need to know who’s fault it is and how much. Stick to the facts and do not speculate.

      Note – If you have retained a personal injury attorney by the time your insurance company contacts you, tell the adjuster that they should contact your attorney to discuss the specifics of the accident.

      Other insurance company is calling me, why?What does the other claims adjuster want to talk about?

      Be aware! Speaking to the claims adjuster for the other party in your accident is full of pitfalls.

      If you the insurance adjuster for the other party call, you are under no legal obligation to discuss the accident with them. However, the adjuster for the other party will likely try to contact you to get a statement from you about how the accident happened and if there were any injuries.

      Warning – Beware when the claims adjuster for the other party contacts you and wants to discuss any medical records to settle your claim. The other adjuster wants to get a statement from you so that they can construct a defense to fight your claim or to pay out as little as possible.

      Some unscrupulous adjusters for the other party may contact an accident victim and pretend to want to help to settle the claim. What they are really doing is using the information they obtain from you to deny or minimize your claim.

      Another reason to not discuss your medical condition with the other adjuster is that your injuries may not be fully known to you yet. You could provide an inaccurate portrayal of your injuries and damages. Adjusters will try to contact the other party in the accident so that they can get a good idea of what the case is worth and attempt to minimize what they payout.

      If you have any doubts at all about whether or not to speak to the other adjuster, we recommend that you consult an experienced attorney. Once you tell the other adjuster that you have an attorney, they may not contact you again and must work through your lawyer.

      The majority of car accident victims do not want to negotiate their own deal with a claims adjuster for the other party. Experienced car accident attorneys in Portland will usually negotiate a better settlement or judgment on your behalf.

      Other insurance company is wanting to pay me.How much is my case worth?

      Determining how much your car accident injuries are worth is a vital aspect of your personal injury case. The actual amount will vary on very specific circumstances unique to your car accident. However, this is how an insurance company will determine how much your claim is worth. Most insurance claim payouts will compensate an injured person in a car accident for:

      Medical care and assorted expenses
      Income lost due to the car accident
      Permanent physical disability and/or disfigurement
      Loss of family, social and educational events, which can include school, vacation and recreation, or a special family event
      Emotional damages that can include depression, stress, embarrassment, or broken family relationships.
      Property damages

      When figuring what your case is worth, it is easy to add up all of the money that has been spent and lost, but how do you put a precise dollar figure on pain and suffering and loss of experiences? That is where the insurance company relies on its damages formula.

      If you have any questions about this formula, you can ask your Portland personal injury attorney.

      Will I ever feel better?What is Worst – Sprains or Strains?

      These are two different types of injuries.

      A strain is usually thought of as a stretching-related injury to a ligament or muscle. Objective findings include muscle spasms, tenderness, and a limited range of motion.

      A sprain is noted to be a wrenching or twisting of a joint that could feature ligament tears or rupture. It is often considered a serious injury that requires more treatment time.

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