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Car Accidents

Car Accidents

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Wrongful Death

Why People Call Car Accident Attorney Offices

To an insurance company, you are just a claim number.

Most People are looking for answers and the best way to proceed after your personal injury, car accident, pedestrian accident, or wrongful death case in Oregon.

Most people tried dealing with the at-fault insurance company for many months. Most people said “NO” to the insurance adjuster’s initial settlement offer and she seems to just disappear. Most people call, email, message the insurance adjuster, but they don’t communicate back. Weeks or months later the insurance company reappears to ask to sign some legal and medical forms. Most people feel they are being taken advantage of, but don’t know what to do. Sounds familiar? 

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Our personal injury firm – The Herron Law Firm – is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our personal injury attorney Bart Herron protected and defended the rights of injured Oregonians since 1998. The Herron Law firm, together with our clients, celebrated our 21st birthday this year! We represented over 2,000 Oregonians just like you.

Our clients are:

  • Teachers
  • Farmers
  • Nurses
  • Policemen & their children
  • Construction workers


  • Programmers 
  • Business owners
  • Truck drivers 
  • Engineers
  • Other attorneys. 

Important To Look For Portland Personal Injury Lawyers That Work For Oregon People

... and never for an insurance company

The Herron Law Firm – “Portland Injury Firm” – will not only help you to repay for the economic losses and wage losses you already sustained, but also protect your past & future non-economic damages.

While our clients recover from the injuries, we do a lot of case important work (this information is proprietary).  We communicate with insurance adjusters, protect your future medical costs and expenses, negotiate correct settlements on your behalf, protect you from creditors if necessary.  

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You Make Any Decisions on Your Oregon Personal Injury Case, Before Signing Any Legal Forms, Before Giving Recorded Statment
What to do after any accident in Oregon

Insurance companies have lawyers handle your claim. Why don’t you? In the 1990s, the Insurance Research Council conducted a study over 85,000 auto injury cases. The Counsel issued findings that the average insurance settlement to an injured person with a personal injury attorney is 3,5 times higher than average settlement to the injured person without a personal injury attorney. 

Social Media & Your Personal Injury Case

Do you know that the first thing any insurance company will do it to research you on social media? Our advice: forget your Facebook or Twitter until your car accident claim is resolved. 

Read Reviews From Real Clients

  • “Honest, intelligent and strong attorney”

    I was badly injured in an auto accident. Bartley Herron persuaded the insurance company that they needed to give me the maximum settlement of insurance coverage. The money was and is very important to my family. I recommend Mr. Herron to anyone needing an honest, intelligent and strong attorney to represent them and to fight hard for them. That is what Mr. Herron did for me.

  • “The settlement your people obtained for me was much better than anything the insurance company had offered me”

    I recommend Herron Law to everyone. I was hurt in a car accident and the insurance company tried to get me to settle without talking to an attorney. I am glad that I talked with you instead. The settlement your people obtained for me was much better than anything the insurance company had offered me. It turned out that I went through an unexpected hardship right after the car accident. I ended up really needing the extra money. Thanks for all of your help and concern.

  • “You gave me the drive to fight”

    Thanks to you for your hard efforts and support, you gave me the drive to fight. I actually miss you guys. We think about you often. Even when things were tough you always made me smile. I can never thank you enough.

  • “Your firm… got more than three times the money the insurance company was wanting to pay”

    I contacted your law firm for help after being hurt. I had been talking with the insurance company. The adjuster wanted to settle. But I was concerned that I should talk to a lawyer. Your firm represented me and got more than three times the money the insurance company was wanting to pay. I’m very thankful for the money and what you did for me.


How To Make Sure Portland Car Accident Lawyers Take Your Case


Take Pictures


Get Evaluated By Medical Professional Within 24 Hour


Be Good Patient


Keep Symptoms Diary


Become Good Record Keeper


Be Truthful and Honest


Our Attorney Fees Promise: IF WE DON'T WIN - YOU PAY US NOTHING.

At The Herron Law Firm we charge 1/3 of all sums collected if the case is settled before filing a civil suit in court. If we take your case, the Herron Law Firm will advance all expenses associated with negotiating, prooving or fighting your case.

Why Injured People Hire Personal Injury Attorneys?

Ask yourself this question first: if you broke your leg, would you see a doctor asap to make sure you are OK or to make sure you are able to use that leg in the future? OR, would you try putting your leg bones together all by yourself?

The same goes for hiring car accident/pedestrian accident/motorcycle accident/wrongful death attorneys in Oregon. Our job is to recover COMPLETE financial compensation, every penny. These complete funds will be needed to pay for your past, present, AND future medical care; your past, present, AND future lost wages; your past, present, AND future non-economic damages.

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