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Serious Injury – Truck-Driver From Salem

Oregon State Police had to investigate a single-vehicle tractor-trailer crash on I-5 on June 8. The truck driver Steven Howard, from Salem, was driving northbound on I-5 when he slammed into the impact barrier between the travel lanes and Exit 233 off-ramp. The truck skidded and rolled over on the exit lane. The driver was seriously injured.

About Tractor Trailer Accidents

It is fortunate the above tractor-trailer crash only involved the truck itself, but when other vehicles are involved, drivers and passengers can suffer serious injuries and even death. The US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that 33,808 people died in auto accidents in 2009, and 10% of them involved tractor trailers.

Pursuing legal action after a truck crash is more complex than filing a claim after a car accident. The damage and injuries with a truck accident usually are much more severe, there are higher insurance limits, and the accident cause may be more complicated. Plus, there can be several paths of financial responsibility.

Depending on the circumstances, you could file a personal injury lawsuit against the following:

  • The tractor-trailer driver: In the above accident, the driver drove into a barrier for no apparent reason. It could be he fell asleep behind the wheel or was texting on a cell phone. Other reasons that truck drivers can be held responsible are speeding, driving too many hours, or not inspecting the vehicle for safety concerns.
  • The trucking company:Paying a truck driver by the mile influences the driver to speed and sleepless, which can lead to deadly accidents. The company may also be held liable for poor hiring practices and poor training. The company may also be held responsible for the negligent driving of its driver.
  • The insurance company:Federal law requires the trucking company to carry a minimum level of insurance that is a lot higher than for passenger vehicles. This insurance is important when the company is charged in a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit after a serious accident. The trucking company’s insurance company can be actually sued directly for payment, unlike a lawsuit after regular types of motor vehicle accidents.

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While the above accident only involved the tractor-trailer, thousands of people are injured or killed in tractor-trailer accidents every year. If you or a loved one has been injured by a truck driver’s negligence, you may have legal options. Please contact our law offices today for a Free consultation. We can determine quickly if you have a strong case

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