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How To Choose The Best Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

For Your Personal Injury Case in Oregon
Accident with DUI Driver

Do you know alcohol-impaired drivers cause about 29 deaths per day throughout the US? Being injured or losing a loved one in a drunk driving accident is a devastating and life-changing experience. The worst thing is that the accident could have been avoided if the driver had been responsible enough.

Drunk driving causes injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. So, how can drunk drivers be held accountable for their negligent actions? You can sue the party at fault to receive compensation for the suffering and damages sustained. 

A drunk driving accident victim can collect financial compensation to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, scarring, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of quality of life, etc., and even wrongful death.

But you may not have the legal knowledge and expertise to navigate through the case and win. This is why you need to hire a drunk driving accident attorney on a contingency basis on your side. 

Read more to learn important tips to help you choose a reliable drunk driving accident attorney.


Imagine being the first client of a newly licensed attorney? This is not what you want for your case. When searching for a drunk driving accident attorney, experience is critical. Keep in mind the settlement will involve litigation, negotiations, and even trial. Working with a well-established attorney gives you peace of mind knowing they have handled similar cases before. While drunk driving accident cases are different, a similar approach, concept, and strategy are used to handle them.

A drunk driving accident attorney with years of experience clearly understands the practice. They will help you win the case and also advise you accordingly on any requirement. Also, don’t go for a general car accident attorney. Find an attorney who handles cases of DUI. With this, you can be assured they already understand what the case involves and how to go about it.

Avoid hiring the very first attorney you come across. Take your time to assess how long they have been in the field and the number of cases they have handled recently. Can they give you referrals of their past clients?
Remember the amount of compensation and overall settlement process depends on the lawyer’s experience. Choose wisely!

But you may not have the legal knowledge and expertise to navigate through the case and win. This is why you need a drunk driving accident attorney on your side.

Read more to learn important tips to help you choose a reliable drunk driving accident attorney.

Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Should Be Compassionate

Do the attorneys care about their client’s mental health status? How will they treat you? Find an attorney who comforts you and to whom you can share all your insecurities and worries.

Remember, during the case, you will still be recovering process from the traumatizing experience. The trial could bring back painful memories, and you need to be with the right person beside you. The attorney should not only represent your interest but should also help when you are overwhelmed.

Establish whether you have a personal connection with the attorney. This is easy during your first meeting. How do you feel around them?

In addition, don’t forget the trial could take a long time to complete, and you need to feel free to express your thoughts and feelings all along.

What Is Their Track Record?

How many cases has the attorney won recently? What is their success rate in the cases they have handled? Avoid any attorney who has multiple failures in their claims. You need to check how many cases they have won and the amount their clients received as compensation. This gives a rough idea of whether they can help you get significant compensation or not. Every personal injury lawyer in Oregon knows that attorney that took the client’s case to trial and won only $1. Why? The judge or the jury didn’t like that lawyer and therefore didn’t care about their client. Be aware of that lawyer!

It is also necessary to see the range of compensation for the cases they have handled previously. See if the amount is similar or anywhere near your preferred compensation. Avoid lawyers dealing in amounts way lower than what you want to get.

In addition, check on whether they have won awards or recognition in the car accident practice.

Check on Reviews

What are past clients saying about the drunk driving accident attorney? What is their experience working with the attorney? It is vital to check on a lawyer’s reputation before hiring them.

By checking online, you can read feedback and reviews provided by previous clients. The reviews act as a warning or a go-ahead depending on whether they are positive or negative.

Reviews should give you insight into working with the attorney. Furthermore, this information is right from the horse’s mouth. To avoid biased and edited reviews, check this information from independent review websites.

Asking the attorney for referrals is another great way to know what you are getting yourself into. Reach out to their past clients and inquire whether they would encourage you to hire them.

Also, check with BBB on whether any complaints have been filed against them.

Check on Communication

  • Does the attorney provide you with clear answers to your questions?
  • Do they provide clear information about their values, fees, and the process?

Considering the complexity of the DUI case, you need an Oregon lawyer who can help you understand. If you ask them questions, they should be direct to the point. You don’t want someone who will give you more questions than answers.

Also, note that during negotiations, clear, effective, and on-point communication is key. You don’t want your lawyer to be challenged by the defense attorney or insurance adjusters. This could lead to insignificant compensation or even dismissal of the case.

Avoid an attorney who doesn’t, in simple terms, explain to you how the process will be like.

Applying These Tips Will Help You Choose the Best Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

If you suspect you or your loved one was a victim of a drunk driving accident, take the right step. While suing cannot erase the painful memories or scars, the culpable party is held liable.

The above tips can help you find a reliable drunk driving accident attorney.

Are you looking for a drunk driving accident attorney in Oregon? If so, Portland Injury Firm is here to help. We are committed to ensuring you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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