You Only Pay If We Win!
You Only Pay If We Win!

Hiring Personal Injury Attorney in Oregon

The short answer is: absolutely not.  This depends upon the case circumstances, your damages, and a fault.

It is your legal right to have a personal injury attorney represent your interests against an insurance company. BUT, you are not legally required to have an attorney handle your claim.   It is possible to file all the legal paperwork yourself and to be your own representative in court. That said, your chances of prevailing in the case and getting fair compensation are higher if you have a skilled personal injury attorney fighting for you.

Some cases may require expert witnesses, to sort through documents from the defense, and to generally provide strong evidence about the accident and injuries to prove your case so you get as much compensation as possible. If the case does not go to court, you will need to know how to handle negotiations with tough attorneys and insurance companies for the defense.

Remember that the other party’s insurance company handles these cases every day. Their goal is to pay you as little money as possible. Most injured people who lack legal experience will end up with less money if they represent themselves.

An experienced personal injury attorney is able to level the playing field during negotiations, navigate the process of pretrial, take the case to trial if necessary, and fight for the compensation for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering you deserve.

In summary, most accident victims who were hurt by the negligence of another person or entity should at least consult a personal injury attorney.

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