Initial Insurance Company Contact

Remember: Insurance companies are in business to protect the interests of the insurance shareholders and payout as little money as possible in claims. It is no longer has to do with your injuries and losses and all to do with making money for that 2 % of the richest people or shareholders. 

After a car accident, one of the key questions from the insurance company perspective is, Who Is At Fault? You will be contacted immediately by the insurance company for the other driver. Use caution when speaking to her. Every word you say will be recorded and used against you at some point. The adjuster will appear very friendly and understanding. Keep in mind that the insurance company is not your friend, there are not there to help you. Do you record conversations with your friend? Obviously, not.

THE STEPS WE RECOMMEND YOU TAKE if an insurance adjuster calls you after the accident are:

  • Give yourself 24 hours to get out of the shock before making any decisions or statements.
  • Call your insurance company first and talk to them about what had happened. Try working through your insurance company. You pay them big insurance premiums, so make them work for you. If you have a deductible, ask your insurance company to recover it for you from the other driver’s insurance.


  • Consult a personal injury attorney that offers Free Consultation. Get legal advice. You might need to hire a personal injury attorney right away.


  • If you do speak to the insurance adjuster, they will ask you to sign some forms and releases. Think about what you are signing, why, who is going to see that information and for how long.


  • When it comes to describing your injuries and your losses, make sure you contact the doctor as soon as possible and get checked out. If the adjuster calls you right after the crash, they may be counting on your saying something that hurts your case later. Nothing hurts your case worse than saying you are OK, and then it turns out a day later that you are in pain and cannot get out bed. It is best to not discuss your injuries at all with the adjuster and have your attorney do the talking for you. You can talk about the damages to your vehicle, but no more than that.


  • Keep it simple. Just stick to the facts of the accident, what happened and where your car is if they want to inspect it. You should not have a detailed conversation with the adjuster without an attorney.


  • If you had given a recorded statement to the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster, ask them to provide the copy of your recording to you asap.

If you have been injured as a result of the wrongdoing of another, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Contact Personal Injury Attorney Bart Herron Herron Law 503-699-6496   – 24/7  today to set up a FREE Consultation!