You Only Pay If We Win!
You Only Pay If We Win!

Portland Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Oregon Had Enough

According to ODOT, in the past five years, there were 12,006 fatal and injury accidents involving distracted drivers resulting in 95 fatalities and 18,429 injuries caused by crashes in Oregon (all ages).  Starting today Oregon law enforcement will site anyone driving while holding or using a mobile electronic device (e.g. cell phone, tablet, GPS, laptop). 

Exceptions (must prove in court) 

  • Using hands-free or built-in devices, if 18 years of age or older.
  • Use of a single touch or swipe to activate or deactivate the device or a function of the device.
  • Making a call to provide or summon medical help and no one else is available.
  • When parked safely, i.e., stopped at the side of the road or in a designated parking spot. o It is NOT legal to use the device when stopped at a stop light, stop sign, in traffic, etc.
  • Commercial vehicle use of an Electronic Logging Device, as required by federal law.
  • Using a two-way radio: CB users, school bus drivers, utility truck drivers in the scope of employment.
  • Use of a mobile electronic device by an ambulance or emergency vehicle operator in the scope of employment.
  • Use of a mobile electronic device by police, fire, EMS providers in the scope of employment (can include when in a personal vehicle if, for example, when responding to an emergency call).
  • Use of a HAM radio, age 18 years or older.
  • Use of a two-way radio device while operating a vehicle wider than the lane of travel, a vehicle transporting livestock or a vehicle requiring a slow-moving vehicle emblem under ORS 815.110 and the device facilitates the safe operation of the vehicle. Exception includes a pilot vehicle involved in these vehicles’ movement. 


  1. 1st offense, not contributing to a crash: Class B violation – Fine up to $1,000
  2. 2nd offense, or first offense, if it contributed to a crash: Class A violation – Fine up to $2,000
  3. 3rd offense in ten years: Class B misdemeanor – Fine up to $2,500 – Could be 6 months in jail 

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