Wrist Injuries Due To Car Accidents In Oregon

Wrist Injuries Due To Car Accidents In Oregon

Wrist injuries are the most common injuries after a car accident and are usually caused by the high force of impact. Like other car accident injuries, wrist injuries can be severe and will damage your quality of life.

Wrist injury symptoms often are felt right away and include swelling, pain, and bruising. A wrist injury from a car accident is diagnosed with an x-ray and is treated like most orthopedic injuries. Your doctor will set and immobilize the wrist so it can heal.

Some wrist fractures can be treated without surgery, but others may need an operation. Your doctor may use pins, wires, and plates to treat your wrist injury to keep the bone fragments together. You may need physical therapy on your wrist to ensure full recovery; a common problem with wrist injuries is the broken bones heal improperly and the wrist is immobile. Physical therapy helps you to regain full functionality.

Wrist injuries in car accidents can cause hefty medical bills from treatment and physical therapy. In addition, as your wrist heals, you may need to take time off work, resulting in lost earnings. In a severe injury, you may be unable to do the work you did before because of wrist damage, which leads to loss of earning capacity.

Types of Wrist Injuries From Car Accidents

Blunt force trauma can cause severe injury to the wrist in a car accident. Common wrist injuries include:
  • Fracture: Car accident trauma can fracture one or several bones in the wrist. A broken wrist is one of the most car accident injuries. A fracture to the scaphoid bone in the wrist is also a common injury. These ‘small’ injuries are often debilitating because use of the hand is so difficult with a fractured wrist.
  • Joint dislocation: There are several joints in the hand and wrist that can be dislocated in a serious car crash. If your wrist is not treated immediately, it can result in permanent disability, so make sure you go to the ER immediately if you think you have an injured wrist.
  • Puncture wounds: Debris from the car crash can puncture the wrist, leading to a severe injury. These wounds must be treated as soon as possible to avoid infection. Without immediate medical intervention, you could suffer a serious infection that could result in the loss of your hand or arm.
  • Amputation: When the hand or wrist is crushed in a car accident, amputation of the hand or lower arm may be the only option.
  • Ligament damage: The delicate ligaments in your wrist can be seriously damaged in a car accident. Without proper treatment, wrist ligament injuries can hamper hand and wrist movement.

Legal Talk

Even though a wrist injury may be thought of as ‘minor’ by some people, it absolutly isn’t. A broken or injured wrist can limit your ability to work and enjoy life. If your injury was caused by someone else, you should talk to The Herron Law Firm today about your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

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