What Should I Do?

Part 1

Car and truck accidents make you vulnerable to serious head injuries. The severity of a brain injury is determined by the Glasgow Coma Scale. The mildest type of brain injury is a concussion. The CDC reports that concussions account for 75% of all traumatic brain injuries.

Most of us think of a concussion as a minor head injury that may cause headaches for a few days with no long-term effects. People also think that one concussion is not harmful; only multiple concussions lead to long-term damage.

But new research in concussion injuries shows this is not true. Concussions are serious injuries that can lead to long-term brain damage, even if it only happened once.

When your head hits a headrest, steering wheel or airbag in a crash, it causes the brain to move around in the skull. Even a violent whiplash motion without hitting an object can lead to a concussion. In this situation, the brain can be bruised, which can lead to swelling and bleeding.

If a person is hurt in a car accident and they go to the ER, the doctor may look for a concussion based on your symptoms, and whether you were knocked out at any time. You may undergo diagnostic tests such as a CT scan or MRI that will search for any bleeding. ER doctors usually are looking for major, fatal injuries. They are less focused on ‘minor’ head injuries such as concussions. If they do not see a brain bleed, they may discharge you and tell you to rest.

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My Car Accident Concussion Symptoms Have Not Gone Away. What Should I Do?

Part 2

If you go home and rest after your ER visit and rest, your concussion could get better on its own in a few days. However, this is not always what happens.

Sometimes as a car accident victim, you will go home with a concussion that does not get better with time. You may endure headaches, vomiting, nausea, depression, malaise, confusion and memory loss. If these symptoms linger and worsen, you could have a traumatic brain injury that is worse than a mild concussion. A recent NYU Medical School study found that one concussive event, such as in a car accident, can lead to brain damage. This is because your brain can lose volume and atrophy when the gray tissue is damaged during a blow to the head. The atrophy can be there years later and is permanent. This means your concussion symptoms might last for months, years or be permanent.

TBI victims may not understand their symptoms or that their brain function is different. Family members might need to get involved to see that you get the care you need. They also may need to contact a personal injury attorney such as The Herron Law Firm to see if you can get compensation for your injuries.

If your concussion symptoms get worse or persist, you should be taken to a neurologist who is an expert in traumatic brain injuries. The doctor can do clinical diagnostic tests that can tell if you have a traumatic injury or something else. You could have therapy and cognitive treatment from a neuro-psychologist or neuro-psychologist.

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