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Traumatic Brain Injury Experts

Why Retain One?

A traumatic brain injury can be very serious, but it can be difficult to prove in a lawsuit. The extent of the injury may not be obvious to the typical jury, so it is usually important to hire a medical expert witness to show the jury how debilitating the injury is. This is very important so you can get as much compensation as possible for your injuries.

Hiring an expert witness on traumatic brain injuries can be extremely helpful to make your case. The medical expert should be able to explain how the accident causes injuries to the skull and certain parts of the brain. The injury caused various symptoms to occur and led to a changed life after the accident.

A traumatic brain injury expert is important in a lawsuit because the legal world must have evidence and an understanding of what is happening to the victim for there to be any compensation. If the person cannot fully explain what has happened to them from the accident, a person with a medical background is needed.

The medical professional also can discuss various medical concerns when the TBI is sustained. If you need surgery, more medical procedures, drugs or therapy, the medical expert can provide commentary on these matters so the jury can understand.

At The Herron Law Firm, we often hire an expert medical witness in TBI cases to give you the best chance to receive compensation for your injuries.

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Evidence in Oregon Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injury cases are rather unique because the expert witness must be knowledgeable and experienced with TBIs. He or she also need to be good at explaining to the jury how the injury affects the victim. Juries can have a hard time understanding what a TBI is and how it affects your day-to-day life.

That is why it is important to find an Oregon TBI attorney who has the quality expert witnesses available. That person needs to be able to explain the extent of the injury to the jury. He or she also needs to explain how you will need funds for past, present, and future medical treatments for your condition.

Usually, the evidence in a TBI case involves testimony from the injured party, medical records, and the use of expert medical professionals to testify at trial about the extent and nature of the brain injury. The expert may also discuss why past medical treatments were needed, and why additional treatments will be needed in the future.

The traumatic brain injury expert will collect medical records, and your attorney will read the medical records and understand the medical condition that is being claimed. To be best equipped to leverage the value of expert testimony, the attorney needs to understand the extent and nature of the TBI and medical treatment.

If you have a traumatic brain injury, you can be confident that The Herron Law Firm has the experience and medical witnesses available to make a strong case for you.

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