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Common Questions About Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are common in car accidents, pedestrian accidents, falls, sports accidents and many more. If you have suffered a Concussion or other type of TBI, below are some of the most common questions we receive at the Herron Law:

I have a TBI from a car accident. Can I sue the other driver?

Many car accident victims suffer a TBI from whiplash-type injuries where the brain hits the inside of the skull during the impact. It is possible that you can sue the other driver for your damages if they are responsible for the car accident.

What expenses can I recover in a traumatic brain injury lawsuit?

You might recover ER fees, doctor’s office visits, mental health counseling fees, lost earnings, physical therapy, and more.

I slipped and fell while on another person’s property and sustained a TBI. Can I file a lawsuit?

If evidence shows that the property owner did not address a danger on their property that caused your injuries, it is possible to file a lawsuit against the property owner. At the Herron Law Firm, we understand the premises liability laws of our state so we can get you as much compensation as possible.

Concussions and TBI

A defective product may have led to my concussion. Can I sue the company that made the product?

If the proper use of the product can be linked to traumatic brain injury, you may be able to file a defective product lawsuit.

How can I benefit from filing a traumatic brain injury lawsuit?

Brain injuries are often very serious and require expensive medical attention that most people cannot afford. You also may not be able to work, plus there could be considerable physical and mental suffering. You also may need to have regular medical appointments and physical therapy, as well as expensive medications and even total loss of work. Filing a lawsuit can allow you to get the compensation you need to treat your injuries and to take care of your family when you are unable to work.

Will a TBI change my life?

Brain injuries from falls and car accidents can vary in their severity and can cause many long-lasting effects. Some brain injuries might heal after a few weeks and have no long-term consequences. But others can affect thinking, memory, and emotion for months or years. Brain damage also can cause loss of speech, change in personality, impaired movement, memory loss, decreased mental abilities, and more.

I know that caring for a loved one with a TBI will change my life.

If you have a loved one who suffered a TBI in a car accident, it could lead to serious mental and physical problems. You could have to take on the difficult role of the caretaker by giving the person medicines, taking them to doctor’s appointments, helping them dress and go to the bathroom and more. If this is the case, you could be entitled to compensation in a lawsuit so you have the funds available to care for your loved one properly in the long term.

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