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Part 1:

When you are in a pedestrian accident, you usually have serious injuries that need immediate and long-term treatment. From concussions to broken bones and internal injuries, pedestrian accidents are serious events that take money to pay for all the medical care.

Unfortunately, even if the liability for the accident is clearly on the driver, insurance companies have been known to challenge legal claims. That is why it is so important to have The Herron Law Firm in your corner from the start. We know how to deal with tough insurance companies that do not want to pay what you deserve.

Pedistrian Accident
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Some common insurance company tactics on pedestrian accidents include:

Blame Shifting

Insurance companies often blame the pedestrian for causing their injuries. They might say you failed to exercise ‘reasonable care’ to avoid your injuries. This defense of comparative negligence may be used based on a claim that you were not using a crosswalk, or that you darted into traffic. Your claim could be theoretically reduced in proportion to your percentage of fault.


Insurance companies know that if you were hit by a car, you have expensive medical and rehabilitation expenses. Plus, your ability to work has been reduced. They will delay payment to get you to take as little as possible. Insurance companies also love to hold onto their money and earn returns.

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