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What Happened

The Oregon State Police reported a fatal motorcycle accident on July 26 at 7:00 PM on State Route 34 in Lincoln County. The preliminary investigation showed that a 2012 Ducati motorcycle, operated by Kenneth Kearney, 51, was riding westbound on a left turn when the vehicle left the road and entered the westbound shoulder. The motorcycle crashed into the brush and the rider was thrown from the bike.

Mr. Kearney suffered fatal injuries and died at the accident scene.

When Road Debris Causes a Motorcycle Accident

We do not know what caused the above motorcycle accident. But the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that road debris causes 25,000 motor vehicle accidents per year. Gravel, leaves and other objects that are an annoyance to car drivers can cause a motorcyclist to lose control.

If you are injured by an object in the road, you should

contact The Herron Law Firm. Our attorneys will investigate the accident and determine if a liable party can be found and held accountable.

Below are some of the common road debris that can cause a serious motorcycle accident

  • Trees and branches: Tree branches may litter the road after a major storm. The city or county has a responsibility to keep the road clear of debris.
  • Tires: When a tire blows out, it can leave debris all over the road. The biker may swerve to avoid the debris and lose control.
  • Hay bales: Tractors and trucks may dump hay bales on the road, causing a serious or fatal accident. Loose hay also can reduce traction.
  • Car part: Older cars and trucks can drop parts as they drive on the road.
  • Light poles: Storms and car accidents can cause light poles to fall on the road. The city or county must remove these obstacles from the road as soon as possible.
  • Signs: Storms and car accidents can drop traffic signs or even lights onto the road. Sharp edges can cut tires and cause the motorcycle to spin out of control.
  • Construction barrels: Construction crews use orange barrels and cones to mark construction zones. Some of this equipment can fall over the block road lanes, leading to a motorcycle accident.
  • Metal debris: Furniture, sheet metal, appliances and other objects can fall off vehicles and be left in the road. Even if the person picks up the object, metal shards, screws, and nails can be left in the road.
  • Truck cargo: Truckers must secure their cargo. If cargo falls off a truck and causes an accident, the trucker and company can be held liable.

What to do next

Contact The Herron Law Firm Today. Motorcyclists are at a greater danger of accidents caused by road problems and debris. If you lose control of your motorcycle because of an object in the road and suffer injuries, it is important to talk to an experienced Portland personal injury attorney. We will try to track down the person or company that left the debris on the road. If we can, that person or entity could be held liable for your injuries.

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