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What Happened

On July 12 at 8:40 PM, Oregon State Police responded to a one-vehicle crash on I-5 at milepost 144.

The early investigation showed that a 1998 Dodge pickup driven by Ruth Youngblood, 71, was going southbound on I-5 when it ran off the road and hit a tree. She suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene.

One minor passenger sustained fatal injuries and also died. A second minor was taken to a hospital in Springfield with serious injuries.

Avoid Drowsy Driving To Prevent Accidents and Death

We don’t know for sure why this driver ran off the road, but she must have been distracted by something. Distracted driving kills thousands of Americans every year. It is important for drivers to be fully alert and focused on the road when they are driving to prevent injuries. Not only can you injure or kill others: You also can be held liable in civil court for injuring other people.

Tips To Follow

Below are some vital tips to avoid serious car accidents from distracted driving.

  • Only use your cell phone for emergencies. When you are driving, your cell phone should only be taken out for an emergency. Even then, it is safest to pull over onto the shoulder to make the call. Even a hands-free device can distract you enough to get into an accident.
  • If you are sleepy, pull off the road immediately. Being sleepy increases your risk of a car accident by 400%. A US government study showed that almost 40% of drivers have fallen asleep while driving at least once.
  • Limit the number of passengers and activities in the car. Most teen drivers are not allowed early in their driving careers to have other teens in the car with them. Driving with friends can make it more dangerous to driver because young drivers are more focused on their friends than the road.
  • Do not eat or drink while driving. Everyone is busy but there is no excuse to be distracted when you driving. Eating while you drive might save you time, but it is dangerous and can take your eyes from the road. Food spills often lead to accidents.
  • Do multi-tasking outside the car. Everyone is in their car a lot and this might make it seem like a good place to call your friends, text message, search for music on your iPhone, etc. Do not do this. Focus on the road.

What To Do Next

If more people would make sure they are well rested and not distracted when they get behind the wheel, there would be fewer accidents and deaths on Oregon roads. If you or a loved one was injured because of the actions of a distracted driver, you may be able to hold them liable in civil court.

The Herron Law Firm can help you to pay your past and future medical bills, pain, and suffering, and lost wages. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation.

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