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What Happened

Oregon State Police responded on Aug. 1 to a two-vehicle crash on Highway 97 in Deschutes County that killed two. Honda Odyssey driven by Robert Gregg was entering Highway 97 when a tractor-trailer slammed into it driven by Alfonso Lopez. Gregg and his passenger, Antonia Roero, were killed in the crash.

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Tractor Trailer Case Value

Everyone wants to know what their personal injury case might be worth. Case values always vary from one case to another, but the math usually changes a lot when you are dealing with a tractor-trailer company, which is a corporate defendant. Because of federal regulations, tractor-trailer companies are required to carry at least $1 million in liability insurance. That is a good thing: In many tractor-trailer crashes, the injuries suffered to drivers and passengers in regular vehicles are severe, or they die, as in the above tragic accident.

In a claim involving a tractor-trailer company, it always is helpful to have a good personal injury attorney representing you.

The Herron Law Firm has the experience and reputation to negotiate a good settlement for you. Tractor-trailer companies also know that if they are faced with a good personal injury lawyer, they may want to settle because going to trial is risky. Defense attorneys know that juries are unpredictable, and some do not like tractor-trailer companies who injure other drivers.

Tractor-Trailer Lawsuit Against Company

Also, in a tractor-trailer lawsuit, the suit is usually against the truck driver and the company. In a case against an interstate carrier, the insurance company can be named as a defendant. Juries tend to get angry at truck drivers as most drivers have had a near-miss with a big rig driven irresponsibly. More importantly, the jury knows that the trucking company and insurance company can afford to pay out a big judgement.

Tractor trailer drivers also are subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These rules are more stringent than regular traffic laws. If drivers break them and hurt another driver, they may have to pay a lot in a settlement or verdict.


For example, truck drivers are required to stay in the rightmost two lanes of an interstate. They are breaking the law if they are in the left lane. They also should not follow another truck closer than 300 feet. Also, drivers are required to carefully check their mirrors when making a left turn. They do not always do that and get into a serious accident.

The point here is there are many rules that semi-drivers must follow. When they do not, there can be bad accidents and a lot of liability. The jury is more likely to award the full case value for damages if they see rules that were clearly violated by the defendant.

If you were in a crash with a truck driver, please talk to The Herron Law Firm today for a Free case evaluation.

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