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Why Immediate Action Matters After a Personal Injury: Insights from a Persona Injury Expert

A Personal Injury Insider Shares Must-Know Tips to Safeguard Your Legal Rights Picture this: you’ve just experienced an injury due to someone’s negligence, and now you are wondering what is next. The decisions you make in the moments that follow can have a significant impact on your future. In this blog post, we’ll share some...
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Maximizing Car Wreck Personal Injury Settlement

If the insurance company is being unreasonable in personal injury or car accident settlement offers or negotiations, you and your car accident or personal injury attorney might decide to file a personal injury claim in courts to recover fair compensation for your personal injuries.  After all, you need help paying many outstanding medical bills, past...
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What Happens to At-Fault Driver If I File The Case Against Them

The Bottom Line: If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit against another person who injured you in some type of accident, that person has had a civil lawsuit filed against them. This matter is separate from any criminal charges the person might face. For example: if a drunk driver hits you while you are...
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Type of Legal Cases Can Be Settled Without an Attorney

After a Portland, Oregon car accident, you may wonder if you really need a car accident attorney to settle your claim. Short Answer: The answer to that depends on the particulars of your car accident case and your level of injuries. You were not injured: you probably do not need an attorney. However, even if...
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How Long Personal Injury Cases Take To Complete

At-fault insurance company will make you a lowest offer possible within the first few days of the accident. What that offer is based on?
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DOs and DON’Ts After Car Accident in Oregon

What do people do after car accidents in Oregon? Here is what our car accident attorney will advice.
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Formal and Informal Settlements in Car Accident cases

Los Angeles- the City of Angels, known for its Mediterranean climate, Hollywood industry, and diversity in ethnicity, is one of the well-known cities in the world. It is the largest city in California with a population reaching almost four million people, which makes it the second-most populous city in the United States.  The city has...
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Roll-Over Deadly Crash on Highway 99

What Happened On August 18th, 2020, Nissan pickup truck with Robert Skor was going S. It left the road and flipped over. Mr. Skor died in the car accident. Rollover Car Accident Is More Serious Car accidents can sometimes involve rollovers, especially if the vehicle has a higher center of gravity, such as a truck...
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Highway 97 Kills and Seriously Injures, Again

What Happened The Oregon State Police reported on July 20 that a head-on crash on Highway 97 in Klamath County killed one driver and injured another. Hyundai with Norman Shell, 75, was going N when it entered the S lane and slammed into a BMW head-on. The driver of that vehicle was Natalie Carlson. Police believe...
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I was badly injured in an auto accident. Bartley Herron persuaded the insurance company that they needed to give me the maximum settlement of insurance coverage. The money was and is very important to my family. I recommend Mr. Herron to anyone needing an honest, intelligent and strong attorney to represent them and to fight hard for them. That is what Mr. Herron did for me.
HERNANDEZMolalla, Oregon
Before I called the Herron Law office, I called many other personal injury law offices for free advice. I left many messages, but I received no callback. Then I called Herron Law and spoke with Olga. She spent almost an hour talking to me about my car accident case and told me what I needed to do next. She even emailed me the summary of our conversation to remind me what steps I needed to take in case I forgotten. Thank you, again.
HeidyMedical AssistantBeaverton, Oregon
I contacted your law firm for help after being hurt. I had been talking with the insurance company. The adjuster wanted to settle. But I was concerned that I should talk to a lawyer. Your firm represented me and got more than three times the money the insurance company was wanting to pay. I’m very thankful for the money and what you did for me.
LAURIEPortland, Oregon
Attorney Bart Herron was referred to me by a friend and co-worker who had been previously helped by Mr. Herron. He took my case too and obtained a settlement much higher than I had dared to hope for. I recommend him highly.
We cannot tell you how important it was to my family to receive the money you got us. My family and I were extremely happy when you told us how you pushed the insurance company to settle for the whole amount that they can be sued for. Your law firm did all this and we didn’t even have to go to court. You always have our appreciation.
JORGEBeaverton, Oregon
Thanks to you for your hard efforts and support, you gave me the drive to fight. I actually miss you guys. We think about you often. Even when things were tough you always made me smile. I can never thank you enough.
C.Portland, Oregon
I recommend Herron Law, LLC to everyone. I was hurt in a car accident and the insurance company tried to get me to settle without talking to an attorney. I am glad that I talked with you instead. The settlement your people obtained for me was much better than anything the insurance company had offered me. It turned out that I went through an unexpected hardship right after the car accident. I ended up really needing the extra money. Thanks for all of your help and concern.
GARYPortland, Oregon
Sometimes it takes more than a well-rounded education, years of experience, and an understanding of the psychology that separates prosecution from defense . . . sometimes it takes Guts to stay the course! We initially chose Mr. Herron based on AVVO reviews, his years of experience, his area of expertise, and even his physical appearance bearing in mind how our son might receive and interact with Mr. Herron and how Mr. Herron’s appearance might be perceived in the courtroom by juror’s. Just l… Read more
DO YOU WANT TO WIN?former client, Portland, Oregon
I had a very difficult case because I had been injured so many times in the past. The insurance company’s lawyers tried to make fun of me and kept saying that if I was hurt then it was someone else’s fault and because of one of my old injuries. Mr. Herron put a stop to this. He forced them to deal with the damages I had. And, he made them to pay for the injuries I had now and the old injuries which were made worse. I am grateful for his strength and tack. Mr. Herron stood up for me.
C.C.former client from Portland, Oregon

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