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Short Answer:

It comes down largely to the extent of your personal injuries and the type of settlement you want. If you have minor injuries that are not more than a few thousand dollars in medical bills, it is possible your can settle your personal injury case in a few weeks. There are many exceptions.

Usually, the at-fault insurance company will make you the lowest possible offer within the first few days of the accident. What that offer is based on? Absolutely nothing! If you want to take the low offer, that is your chance. But, the majority of injured people want to receive a fair and just settlement.

What Happens If You Dont Accept Lowest Offer:

The at-fault insurance company will review all of your medical bills and records related to the accident. The adjuster will also collect your wage loss information. The insurance adjuster is trying to determine:

  • 1. What the injury is or was,
  • 2. Do you have any ongoing problems,
  • 3. What medical treatments might be required in the future.

To make that assessment, the insurance company wants to see you get to the maximum medical improvement.

Therefore, it is possible for the settlement process to take months or even years to occur if your injuries are serious enough.

Personal Injury Settlement Insurance Concept
Personal Injury Settlement Insurance Concept.

What Your Personal Injury Attorney Does:

Once you reach a maximum medical improvement, your personal injury attorney will request your medical records from health care providers. He will also request bills, employment records, and any imaging results. Therefore, this process sometimes takes two or three months. Your personal injury attorney later will forward a demand letter to the at-fault insurance company. He will allow 30-45 days for the insurance adjuster to complete the evaluation process.

In Other Words:

To receive a proper insurance settlement, it could take anywhere from three months to a year after the accident, depending on the case.

What To Do Next:

To get a much better idea of how long your personal injury case would take to settle, talk to our personal injury attorney today – Free Consultation.

What Is Important To Relay:

When calling you should explain to the personal injury attorney the details of the actual accident. Tell him about circumstances, mention past and present injuries, non-economic damages, as well as your personal and work situation.

Remember to Hire a personal injury attorney you trust and feel comfortable with.

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At The Herron Law Firm we charge 1/3 of all sums collected if the case is settled before filing a personal injury claim in court. If we take your case, the Herron Law Firm will advance all expenses associated with negotiating, prooving or fighting your case.

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