You Only Pay If We Win!
You Only Pay If We Win!

How Long Personal Injury Cases Take To Complete

It comes down largely to the extent of your injuries and the type of settlement you want. If you have minor injuries that are not more than a few thousand dollars, it is possible the case could be settled in a few weeks, but there are many exceptions.

Usually the insurance company that is on the hook for your injuries will make you a low ball offer within first few weeks of the accident. If you want to take a low offer, you can get it done fast. But the majority of clients do not want a low ball settlement; they want what they are entitled to.

To get the best settlement, the insurance company will need to review all of your medical bills and records. They need to determine what the injury was if you have any ongoing problems with it and what treatments may be needed in the future.

To make that assessment, the insurance company wants to see you get to the maximum medical improvement. So, it is possible for this to take months or even years to occur if your injuries are serious enough. Once maximum medical improvement is reached, your attorney needs to get all medical records from health care providers, bills, employment records, etc. This can take one or two months after you have gotten to maximum medical improvement. This information is turned into the insurance company, and they may take a month to evaluate the claim.

At that point, the insurance company may take a few weeks to negotiate the claim, reach a settlement, get the settlement papers done and checks delivered. So, to get a good settlement, you could be looking at anywhere from three months to a year after the accident, depending on the case.

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