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What Happened

On August 18th, 2020, Nissan pickup truck with Robert Skor was going S. It left the road and flipped over. Mr. Skor died in the car accident.

Rollover Car Accident Is More Serious

Car accidents can sometimes involve rollovers, especially if the vehicle has a higher center of gravity, such as a truck or SUV. Because the car accident is longer, you could suffer more severe injuries.

Hurt By Another Driver in Roll-Over Car Accident?

If another driver caused your rollover car accident, you could be eligible for compensation for bodily injuries. However, all reasonable car accident personal injury attorneys know that you need to prove that the other driver caused your rollover car accident and injuries.

Investigation Of Roll Over Car Accident

After the accident, the responding police officers will file a police report about what happened. The officer will review statements from drivers and witnesses about the car accident. He will ask the follow-up questions that intend to determine what happened. NoteLawyers will ask for a copy of this report to find helpful information. However, some police reports do not have a statement about who was at fault. Besides, even if the report states the other driver caused the accident, this does not always mean the person will be found liable.

How Car Insurance Companies Decide Fault

Once you have filed a claim with the insurance company, it will assign the claim to one of its adjusters. The adjuster supervises the investigation into the crash. There may be more than one adjuster involved in the process. Adjusters will study the facts of the rollover crash, talk to witnesses, look at your medical reports. They will also check the vehicle damage and verify details about the various insurance policies in force. That adjuster will decide who was at fault for the rollover accident. They may assign a percentage of blame to each driver or may blame one driver entirely.

Generally, insurance companies determine fault in car accidents based on the legal concept of negligence. The driver is negligent if he failed to exercise a proper amount of caution that a reasonable person would have in the same situation.

Example Of Car Accident Process

For example, if a driver runs a red light and hits you as you drive through the intersection. Your car with you rolled-over. The other driver will probably be found negligent. If the case goes to trial, the court will consider all the evidence mentioned above to determine fault. There could be testimony from the drivers and witnesses, as well as police officers. There will be many experts such as doctors and accident reconstructionists. The judge or jury will decide who is at fault for the rollover accident based on the evidence.

We Can Answer Your Questions

If there is any question of fault in the accident, it is even more critical than usual to have an excellent car accident attorney fighting for you.

The Herron Law Firm is an experienced Portland law firm and will fight for you to get the most compensation possible in your lawsuit.

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