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What Happened

Oregon State Police reported a multi-car accident on Highway 203 on July 19 at 4:10 PM. A motorcycle with Keith Walker was traveling N when he entered the S lane. He hit a Ford pickup and a Toyota Camry. Mr. Walker died at the crash scene or car crash.

What Happens After Serious Car Accident

When Road Defects Cause a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The reason for this tragic motorcycle accident is unclear. However, motorcyclists can suffer fatal injuries if there are defects in the road. Many serious and fatal accidents have happened where the design, construction or maintenance of the highway was suspect.

During the design phase of the road, it can be made defective if there is a too-complex intersection, crosswalk that is not easily visible, layout with too many sharp curves or slopes, and not considering natural obstacles such as waterways or tree lines.

Second, a road can be defective if poor-quality materials are used, construction plans are ignored, or workers do not build the road according to code.

Third, many motorcycle accidents happen because of maintenance problems. As a road degrades over time because of constant use and weather, potholes and other problems can develop. Seams in the pavement can be exposed, and lane markers may fade.

Regardless of the road defect, motorcyclists are more likely to get in an accident from hazardous road conditions because of it being a two-wheeled vehicle with no protection from the environment.

When motorcycle accidents happen, 80% of accidents result in death or major injuries, such as fractures, traumatic brain injury, or road rash.

When Defective Parts Cause a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Defective motorcycle parts and design also can cause serious or fatal accidents. One defective part can make the rider lose control and have a bad accident. If there is a defective part or design, liability for the accident falls to the parts manufacturer or the maker of the motorcycle.

What Are The Most Common Defective Motorcycle Parts That Cause Accidents

  • Brakes: Improper brake pad or disc installation can make it impossible to slow down. Depending on the situation, the brake product manufacturer or shop that installed the parts may be liable.
  • Tire problems: Defective tires can be fatal on motorcycles. For example, if the tread separates from the tire and there is a blowout, the motorcyclist will crash and injuries could be fatal.
  • Fuel system: These issues can lead to serious burns. Leg injuries are common and it is possible a serious crash can happen.
  • Defective design: The bike’s designers did not notice that the design was dangerous. Bikes with defective designs are harder to control and can crash.

Talk to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If you or a family member was hurt in a motorcycle accident, road defects or manufacturer defects could be the culprit. Talk to The Herron Law Firm today about your motorcycle accident. We can determine if you are eligible for a possible settlement for your injuries.

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